Abbreviation and Finish Codes


Code Description
ACW    Anti-clockwise
CYL     Cylinder
5P  5 Pin 
6P 6 Pin
CW Clockwise
DP  Display Pack 
KB     Key Blank
LH  Left Handed
RH Right Handed
C4 CYL4® Cylinder
D5 5 Disc Wafer Cylinder

Standard Keying Codes 

Code   Description
KD Keyed to Differ 
KA Keyed-Alike 

Home Locking Solutions Codes 

Code   Description
5KA 5 Pin Keying Alike to Code in C4 Profile 
5PK 5 Pin Project Keying in C4 Profile
5RP 5 Pin Registered Profile Keyway 


Finish Codes


Code Description 
AB Antique Brass
ABZ  Bronze Anodised 
AC  Antique Copper 
BLK  Black 
BRN  Brown 
CP  Bright Chrome 
DS Doeskin 
FB  Florentine Bronze
GLD Gold Plated
MCP Mid Chrome Plate
NAT Natural Anodised

Polished Brass

PBP  Polished Brass Plate
PRM Primrose
PSS  Polished Stainless Steel
SB Satin Brass 

Satin Chrome Brushed

SCP Satin Chrome Plate
SIL Silver 
SP Satin Chrome Pearl
SSS Satin Stainless Steel
WH White 
ZP Zinc Plate

Lockwood Symmetry® Finish Codes 

Code Description
BCP Black Chrome Plate
CP  Chrome Plate 
EVB Everbrass® 

Polished Brass

PSS Polished Stainless Steel 
SC Satin Chrome Brushed
SSS Satin Stainless Steel


Interlock Finish Codes 

Code Description
BK Black powdercoat
PW  Pearl White powdercoat 
PR  Primrose powdercoat 
RB Ranch Brown powdercoat 
(SPEC) Special powdercoat finish 
SC  Chrome Plated 
PB Polished Brass 

If you require other powdercoated colours, the product will be available as a special with a suffix (SPEC). In this case both the colour name and the code must be specified on the order. 

Whitco Finish Codes 

Code Description
01 Galvanised 
02 Bright Gold 
03 Nickel 
04 Satin Stainless Steel
05 Satin Chrome
06 Polished Brass
08 Bright Chrome
11 Silver
12 Mahogany
13 Brown
14 Pottery
15 Bright White
16 White
17 Black
18 Gold Spangle
19 Primrose
20 Hawthorn Green Ripple
23 Doeskin
24 Magnolia
25 Ranch Brown
27 Polished Stainless Steel
28 Stone Beige
41 White Birch
42 Dark Grey
49 Almond Ivory