ML51RA – RFID Card Cam Lock


  • Attractive slim line design
  • Battery status LED
  • Lock status LED
  • Standard Alkaline batteries, 3 x AAA
  • Micro USB power back up
  • Suits doors up to 23mm thick
  • 3mm thick stainless steel cam
  • Supported RF type: 13.56MHz ISO14443A MIFARE Classic, Ultralight, DESFireEV1
  • Accepts up to 20 Administration Cards, 20 Master Cards and 20 User Cards per lock


  • Schools
  • Offices
  • Leisure centres
  • Sports clubs
  • Health clubs

Die-cast  (Body & Knob), ABS (Front)

Operating Temperature:
  -20oc ~ +70oc

Operating Humidity:
0 ~ 90%

Credential Levels:
Administration: 1 – 20 RF Tags
Master: 1 – 20 RF Tags
User: 1 – 20 RF Tags

Battery / Life:  
3 x AAA Alkaline batteries
1 Year (using 10 times a day)

Salt spray tested to:
96 hours


Door Thickness:
1 to 23mm

 2 x Standard 3mm thick stainless steel cams supplied, one straight cam, one offset cam

Note: Other 8 x 8mm square drive cams are suitable for this product.

Part numbers
Part Numbers
Product Description Part Numbers
ML52RA Vertical or horizontal mount
RFID Card pack (Pack size = 10) AA/ACC/USERCARD

Administration RFID Card

  • Unlocks the Digital RFID cam lock (Deletes current User RFID Cards)
  • Allows the cam lock to be changed  between Private and Public mode
  • Registers User Cards, Master Cards and other Administration Cards

Master RFID Card

  • Locks & Unlocks on Private Mode
  • Retains current User RFID Card information whilst in Private Mode
  • Master RFID cards can only be used in Private Mode

User RFID Card

  • Locks & Unlocks the cam lock

Private Mode

  • The cam lock starts in a locked state
  • Unlock the cam lock by flashing a registered User RFID Card to the front of the cam lock
  • The cam lock will remain unlocked for 4 seconds before attempting to re-lock itself. The turn knob will be locked when returned to the locked position

Public Mode

  • The cam lock starts in an unlocked state
  • The user flashes a registered User RFID Card on the cam lock, the cam lock is now locked
  • The same User Card will open the lock and leave it in an unlocked state
  • This card is then erased and ready for the next new user
  • This function is used for short term, multi occupancy applications. E.g. A locker in a fitness club

Offset Cam

Flat Cam


Package Contents:

A.  2 x RFID cards

B.  1 x ML52RA lock

C.  1 x Rubber gasket

D.  1 x Rubber ring washer

E.   1 x M16 nut

F.   1 x Cam governor (limits cam to 90°)

G.  2 x Cams (1 flat, 1 offset)

H.  2 x M4 washer

I.   1 x Cam fixing bolt  - M4 x 10mm

J.  4 x Upper lock fixing bolt options to suit door thicknesses;
•  1-3mm doors - M4 x 10mm
•  3-13mm doors - M4 x 20mm
•  13-18mm doors - M4 x 25mm
•  18-23mm doors - M4 x 30mm

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