What We Do

Operations & Logistics

Our operations and logistics teams work closely, to ensure that our customers are never waiting long to receive their order. Our Oakleigh-based production facility, and close by warehousing facilities, ensure that customer orders can be customised, produced locally and distributed throughout Australia in record time.

Procurement & Supply Chain Management

Our procurement and supply chain management team strive to establish an industry leading supplier-base. This is achieved through careful selection of potential partners based on their performance, quality, sustainability, innovation and total cost. This team works closely with their global colleagues to perform their function as a single world-class organization, helping to maximize performance, cost-savings and attracting and retaining the best people and partners.

Research & Development

Our research and development team focus on the development of future products, designed to be sold both locally and abroad. This team collaborates closely with a range of teams, such as product management, sales and operations, to ensure our new products both meet our customer’s needs and can be produced reliably.

Product Management

Our product management team oversee and manage product portfolios throughout their life cycle, from initial conception to product retirement. This team undertakes ongoing assessments of our product range and key markets, against sales and profitability benchmarks, in order to make decisions around product category strategies.


Our marketing team champion our brand portfolio and comprehensive product range, ensuring that there is strong awareness and interest in our products. Both a combination of traditional and digital marketing strategies are leveraged to support our brands.


Our sales team support a diverse range of clients across Australia, such as architects, developers, retailers, locksmiths and our export market customers. Our sales staff leverage their strong partnerships with each of these unique customers in order to identify new business opportunities and applications for our products.

Customer Service

Our customer service team provide an essential role in supporting our customer’s with providing information on a variety of sales, product and technical enquiries. In this busy and vibrant team, no two days are the same.


Our finance team support each of our departments through their financial planning and budgeting, all of which are essential components to their success. Developing and implementing the strategies for sustainable growth, this function builds the strong foundations which will sustain our company long into the future.