Revolutionary technology will change the face of security access control in the future according to visiting global industry expert.

At the opening breakfast of the ASIAL Security 2007 Conference and Exhibition at Darling Harbour, Glen Greer, Vice President Shared Technologies for ASSA ABLOY - global leader in door opening solutions – today detailed the development of this revolutionary technology which allows for the convergence of physical and logical access.

“ASSA ABLOY's Hi-O™ is a standardised new technology for control and security of physical access ways that enables ‘plug and play’ capability and intelligent operation between all the devices involved in a doorway solution,” said Greer. “The interconnectivity and networking capabilities ASSA ABLOY establish with Hi-O™, will bring Internet-speed evolution and convergence to our industry and the Pacific markets”.

Standardised 'plug and play' capability means different electromechanical units in a door environment can speak the same language – independent of manufacturer. Hi-O™ allows door environment to communicate with each other, and all components handling access, identity control, code reading, alarms, service indicating etc. can be connected and controlled by Hi-O™ technology.

Into the future ASSA ABLOY's Hi-O™ enabled products could be interoperable with co-developed integrated Intellectual Property technology for physical security solutions.

Hi-O™ is based on the CAN (Controller Area Network) technology developed in the mid-1980s. Today CAN is used throughout the car industry and also in ships, trains, aircraft, industrial machinery and medical equipment, but this is its first application for doors. The standards and protocols are governed by the international users’ and manufacturers’ organization CiA (CAN in Automation).

Hi-O™ requires very simple cabling in the door and frame, but allows great flexibility in linking locks, evacuation systems and alarms. Installation can also be achieved for a much lower cost per door. The Hi-O™ doorway can warn of malfunctions or detect the need for preventive servicing of items such as motorised locks by sending an e-mail or text message to the administrator.
“By bringing network intelligence to the door with Hi-O™ technology, the door becomes a true member of the Internet Protocol community,” said Christer Peterson, Market Region Manager ASSA ABLOY Pacific. “This opens up immense opportunities for increased security and innovative service offerings to the Pacific markets. Since Hi-O™ allows any access control system from any supplier to be used, ASSA ABLOY will bring our entire industry into the future of access control.”

Hi-O™ will leverage from ASSA ABLOY’s position as a provider of extensive supply of all electronic and electromechanical products in the door environment. This will translate into the additional sales opportunities – selling solutions rather than just components, stimulating growth and helping the company capture a larger part of sales of each door environment.

Hi-O™ product on display at STAND B10 at ASIAL Security 2007 will combine well-known ASSA ABLOY Group products with this innovative communication intelligence, guaranteeing solutions that will meet demanding market requirements.

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