ASSA ABLOY launches new wireless lock technology

Visiting CEO of ASSA ABLOY’s Asia Pacific Division Martin Brandt, has announced the launch of the company’s ‘world first’ wireless electronic access control security technology, Aperio.

The announcement was made at the ASIAL 2008 Security Conference in Sydney.

Aperio technology was developed to complement existing electronic access control systems, providing end users with a simple, intelligent way to upgrade the controllability and security level of their premises. The new technology integrates mechanical and electronic systems, providing a world first, simple, intelligent way to upgrade the controllability and security level of buildings and facilities.

According to Mr Brandt, the heart of Aperio is a short distance wireless communication protocol combined with a locking mechanism, which is designed to serve as the link between an online electronic access system and a mechanical lock.

“The name Aperio comes from Latin meaning to uncover, make accessible, unclose or open,” and that’s what Aperio does for security systems -- and for the industry at large!” he said.

“It is easily integrated with electronic access control systems, regardless of the manufacturer,” he said. “Any number of existing doors can be equipped with Aperio, and at a cost level far below installing a regular electronic access system everywhere.”

“Aperio’s open architecture gives a standardised way of connecting, with standardised interface, resulting in a future safe installation not being trapped into proprietary solutions,” Mr Brandt said.

“The Aperio technology is designed for future security demands, in that it uses Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) via a wireless connection,” he said. “The technology is fully compatible with RFID technologies, which means that the users do not need to change existing cards.”

“Expanding an electronic access system with Aperio is cost-effective and adds to the benefit of investments already made,” he said. “No doors and no locking systems need to be exchanged, only upgraded with Aperio enabled products.”

Aperio’s compatibility makes integration into other systems easy. It offers high control over usage with audit trails, and can be centrally controlled. Access rights are managed using the existing electronic access control management software.

According to ASSA ABLOY’s Business Manager, Electronic Access Control, Michael Söderberg, the Aperio technology is a flexible, compatible and complete wireless solution that will help security managers increase facility security without having to modify doors or change access control systems or user credentials.

"Now that the Aperio technology is available, our focus will be to engage with leading electronic access control system manufacturers to integrate the technology into their systems to bring solutions to the market," Mr Söderberg said.
The Aperio technology provides a possible first step towards a wireless and more convenient future.

Aperio was developed through collaborative research and development within ASSA ABLOY, the world’s leader in door opening solutions. The ASSA ABLOY Group comprises more than one hundred companies, producing products all over the world, meeting demanding customer needs and different standards.

Operating in more than forty countries around the world, ASSA ABLOY forms local partnerships and adapt to local products and standards.

Australia was chosen as the ideal platform to pull through the latest innovations in electronic access control as it is renowned as being advanced in awareness and acceptance of new technologies.