How Secure is Your Identity?

Having your identity stolen is emotionally devastating and an inconvenience. One of the most common methods of identity theft is having your personal information stolen from your mailbox; this may in turn lead to having your entire identity assumed - being fraudulently misrepresented.

How secure is your identity?

The process of having to prove your identity, once it has been stolen is time consuming, traumatic and may in fact take up to 5 years to resolve with huge financial losses. Reduce this risk now, by securing your personal and valuable information before identity theft happens to you.

Recent research indicates that 4.4 million Australians are affected by identity theft per annum. Moreover, it was recorded that an alarming 67% of Australians fail to take simple measures to protect their identity.

Your personal information is readily available - cards in your wallet, public records, mail, information saved in your computers and information posted on social networking sites. “These are some of the first places a professional thief will look. Residents should consider investing in securing their valuable documentation by means of quality locking devices such as, a home safe and secure lock on your letterbox” advises, Senior Sergeant Mark Standish of the Victorian Police.

By simply installing extra security measures such as a Yale Certified Home Safe, and locking your letterbox with a Lockwood Padlock (that meet and surpass Australian Standards) you will protect the integrity of your identity.

Taking a proactive approach to home security is the first step in providing a safe and secure personal environment. Prevention is better than the cure, said Neil Mitchelhill, Business Manager Sales and Marketing – ASSA ABLOY Australia. Mitchelhill continues, “At ASSA ABLOY we truly believe that it is our responsibility to communicate and educate the general public in preventative measures which protect against identity theft”.

You can also take preventative measures in reducing the risk of your identity being stolen by:

  • Destroying documents that reveal personal information.
  • Checking your billing and account records carefully.
  • Placing passwords on all your important accounts.
  • Securing your personal information with a Lockwood Home Safe or Yale Certified Home Safe.
  • Securing your mail with a quality Lockwood padlock.

If you would like more information on products that can help protect your identity please click here.