Kinetic Defence™ - Bump & Pick Resistance

Kinetic Defence, what is it?

KineticDefence™ is a technology that will be added to Lockwood 5 pin tumbler cylinders.

A unique set of driver pins, along with tight manufacturing tolerances increases the security of the cylinder by resisting bump and picking manipulation. These stainless steel driver pins have a unique geometry which resists the kinetic forces applied when under a "bump" attack. They grip to the inside of the pin chamber and prevent the driver pin from being bumped and trapped above the shear line into the top chamber of the cylinder which would allow the cylinder to be compromised.

ASSA ABLOY has a Design Registration for the unique geometry of the driver pin and Patent applications in place, for the application of this technology into pin tumbler cylinders.

Awareness of the method of bump attack on pin tumbler cylinders has increased with the advent of easy access to the internet and the prevalence of sites such as YouTube. “Bumping” is a method of transferring energy to the internal pin tumblers to separate the pin sets while a rotational force is applied to defeat the cylinder.

This method of attack can be best explained using the Newton Cradle as an example. Newton’s Cradle has a number of beads suspended and touching each other. If one of the beads are separated and released the kinetic energy is transferred through the other beads resulting in the end bead on the end of the line to separate and move away from the bead set. The reaction of the pin tumblers inside the cylinder is similar when under a "bump" attack using a specialised key.

KineticDefence™ is being rolled out to all Lockwood branded product with standard “C4” 5 pin tumbler mechanisms. The first product is the new Lockwood Pentagon Mortice Lock which is currently available with the Lockwood Nexion range following in September. The remaining Lockwood products will be converted over the following six months.

Display pack (retail) products will have the new Kinetic Defence Logo applied to identify the product has the KineticDefenceTM Technology.