Lockwoods CYL4 makes life easy

No more hunting for the right key – with Lockwood’s CYL4, one is enough!

Traditional window locks are incompatible with a C4 key – the type of key most commonly used in residential applications.

This means that homeowners need to carry at least one key for their door locks, and a different key (or keys) for their window locks.

Lockwood’s innovative CYL4 keying solution solves this problem, because the new range of Lockwood window locks and bolts can all be keyed alike to door locks that use a C4 key.

Homeowners can now opt for the convenience of requiring only one key for their entire home.

Entrance doors, laundry doors, patio doors, patio bolts, window locks, screen doors - and even padlocks for sheds and gates – can all be locked and unlocked with the same key without compromising safety or security in any way.