Pacom Systems Integrate with ASSA ABLOY’s Aperio™ Wireless Technology

ASSA ABLOY is pleased to announce its collaboration with Pacom Systems to integrate ASSA ABLOY’s Aperio Technology with Pacom’s Graphical Management System (GMS). Pacom will support the Aperio technology in their GMS 4.06 release scheduled for early November.

The Aperio technology was developed to complement existing electronic access control systems, providing end users with a simple, intelligent way to upgrade the controllability and security level of their premises. The new technology integrates mechanical and electronic systems, providing a world first, simple, intelligent way to upgrade the controllability and security level of buildings and facilities. 

“We are very excited that Pacom has interfaced Aperio wireless technology with their Graphical Management System. This collaboration offers attractive opportunities for ASSA ABLOY not only in the Pacific region but also in USA and Europe where Pacom has the majority of their customers,” ASSA ABLOY’s Business Manager of Electronic Access Control, Michael Söderberg said.

The integrated Aperio / Pacom GMS solution was previewed at this year’s Tertiary Education Management Conference in Darwin Australia last month.

“With Pacom Systems and ASSA ABLOY’s Aperio Technology, the complexity of the installation and operating costs can be significantly reduced, making access control affordable in completely new environments”  said Mr Johan Lembre, Chief Executive Officer of Pacom.

About Aperio

The heart of Aperio is a short distance wireless communication protocol combined with RFID reader capabilities and a locking mechanism. It is designed to serve as the link between an online electronic access system and a mechanical lock.

The name Aperio comes from Latin meaning to uncover, make accessible, unclose or open.

Aperio is easily integrated with electronic access control systems, through a standard RS485 interface.  Any number of existing doors can be equipped with Aperio-enabled locks, and at a cost level far below installing hard wired electronic access control doors everywhere.

The open architecture gives a standardized way of connecting, with standardized interface, resulting in a future safe installation not being trapped into proprietary solutions.

The Aperio technology is designed for future security demands, e.g. it uses AES encryption via a wireless connection. The technology is fully compatible with RFID technologies, which means that the users do not need to change existing cards.

Expanding an electronic access system with Aperio is cost-effective and adds to the benefit of investments already made. No doors and no locking systems need to be exchanged, only upgraded with Aperio enabled products.

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About Pacom Systems

Pacom Systems is a global leader in remotely managed security systems. The Pacom solution enables the management of access control, alarm and video on one platform. Pacom has been pioneering security solutions over IP networks for more than 25 years and is trusted by some of the world’s biggest financial institutions and central monitoring stations.
Pacom operate world-wide with representation in more than 30 countries and offices in Australia, USA, United Kingdom, France, Spain and Sweden. For more information about Pacom log on to

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