Stay safe - New Paradigm

To coincide with the ‘Change Your Clock, Change Your Smoke Alarm Battery’ campaign at the end of daylight saving, is an introduction to the revolutionary new Lockwood Paradigm 005 deadbolt.

Incorporating Lockwood’s unique Safety Mode TM, Lock Alert® and Dual Select features, Paradigm 005 far surpasses the limited ‘unlocked’ or ‘key locked’ functionality of conventional deadbolts.

Traditionally, a locked deadbolt is a fireman’s worst nightmare!

Paradigm’s Safety ModeTM feature ensures the door is secure from the outside whilst enabling the user to exit from the inside. Once the door is opened and the key removed, the lockset automatically changes to Safety Mode TM, reducing the possibility of being locked in the building accidentally, in the case of fire or other emergency.

Paradigm 005 can be keyed alike for one key convenience, and exceeds the highest security and durability requirements in Australian Standard when fitted to an exterior solid door.

Paradigm has also revolutionised the aesthetics of high security deadbolts with an attractive slimline design. Harmonising with Lockwood’s Meridion or Symmetry door furniture, Paradigm 005 offers a flexible range of stylish contemporary locking solutions for the home.