Winning projects, one step at a time


Perth, Western Australia might be the most isolated city in the world, but Mitch Callard goes the extra mile to connect his clients with the information they need, at the moment they need it.

Mitch says, “One advantage the region has is that no other manufacturers are working strongly in the BIM space. And because we have a BIM-enabled solution - Openings Studio – that has allowed us to speak to firms we previously haven’t worked with.”

With Mitch’s background working as a locksmith and a distributor, he can easily explain products and installations to architects. In addition, he understands how product information can be used beyond just the design and specification; he sees that opportunity with building information modeling.

Building information modeling, also known as BIM, is a process that enables specification writers, architects and owners to share information about a building and associated products across the design-bid-build phases. Perth has a steady construction sector, especially for education and healthcare buildings. The demand for BIM-based projects is still evolving, but it is growing. And that’s where he feels he has an advantage.

Openings Studio is a BIM-enabled solution that allows Mitch to make the specification writing process faster, easier and more streamlined. “That’s why I serve as the BIM champion for Western Australia. Creating specifications in Openings Studio allows me to write the spec and communicate with the architect in one environment.”

The team does still get a lot of standard specification projects. “A lot of architects don’t trust software they’re unfamiliar with.” Mitch said. “But, I explain that Openings Studio has been around for more than a decade in the U.S. and is globally-supported. That gives me a chance to talk about our capabilities and services. And when I mention we can do Autodesk® Revit® data transfers that really excites them.” He proposes beginning with a small project to make sure that the process and workflows make sense to all firm’s users, 10 -50 doors is a good start.

That said, the team does still get a lot of standard specification projects. But whenever Revit® is brought, he proposes starting with the firm on a small project to make sure that the process and workflows make sense to all users. When trialing Openings Studio a project with about 10-50 doors is a good start.

Mitch recalls helping onboard a 484 door project for an aged care facility. “The architect wanted to get a feel for how the information was being managed. And when she was satisfied, we were able to analyse the four buildings and get the rest of the hardware pushed through. Sometimes it just comes down to confidence.”

He's happy to report that after that trial, the architect sent several more 400-500 door projects to him, solidifying the relationship between the architect and ASSA ABLOY.

One last thing that’s proven very helpful in landing more projects is being able to stay connected with firms to accelerate the number of projects that use Openings Studio. “Especially since this year we’re looking at a goal of more than 75 project, it’s been really helpful to stay connected,” he said. “The marketing materials and all of my presentations reference the Knowledge Base. And the new features and product release updates that come out give me something to continuously discuss and represent.”